Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am super excited, because tomorrow is basically going to be one of the most awesome days ever. María and I are having our usual lunch date with Maaaaaaaaggie at the cafe (Burger Friday), going to our last restaurant of Restaurant Week for dinner, and then we are going to go see Starfucker play in Haverford's Lunt basement!

This is significant because I basically swore off Lunt basement this year for two reasons: 1) I am now 21 and therefore I can now go to all of the 21+ shows in Philly instead of hoping that good bands get tricked into coming to Lunt, and 2) I spent way too much time there sophomore year and last semester and I am kind of sick of it. But Starfucker is so full of Portland electro-pop adorableness that I am willing to go!

I have basically spent all of my free time in the last week or so being super excited that they are coming and listening to their albums over and over again! My favorite song by far is "Boy Toy!!" The lyrics are super cute when they sing, No sense in hiding away/ when you're already gone/ and I want you to stay/ in my arms/ in my head/ in my eyes/ in my heart/ in my lungs/ in my lungs/ in my lungs! I put it on repeat and dance around in my room, even though anyone walking on the path outside my window can totally see how ridiculous I am, and everyone on my hall probably hates me for blasting music at really weird hours.

I also think that there is some sort of rule that says all adorable bands have to do a cover of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." If they play both of those songs at the concert tomorrow night, I will die of happiness!!!

Love, Jillian

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