Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Restaurant Week: Chifa

On Monday night, María and I went to our third restaurant for Restaurant Week, and it was super adorable! We went to Chifa, which is on Chestnut St. and super close to Market East. It's a Peruvian restaurant inspired by Chinese food restaurants called "chifas" that are all over the place. Basically, it is Latin-Asian fusion food, and it is delicious! We didn't take any pictures, but you can see the table where we sat in this picture I stole from their website.

The whole inside of the restaurant was so cute and had really adorable blue and white tiles on the wall behind us, and in the back of the restaurant they have these little semi-enclosed rooms for bigger groups of people. But since it was just María and me, we had an adorable little two-person table in the front where we sat and made fun of this couple that was on a date a few tables down from us because the man had ordered a cocktail. It was even more funny because our waiter and a bunch of the other waiters and the bartenders couldn't believe that María and I both got beers instead of cocktails, and that we completely devoured all of our food.

Everything we had was incredibly delicious. My favorite thing was the Chaufa Rice (stir fried rice, chorizo, mango, edamame, soy glazed scallops), but the Aji Gallina, Beef Noodle Bowl, and Scallion Pancakes were insanely delicious as well. Basically, this is how I feel about the restaurants so far: I don't really feel like I want to go back to Xochitl, not because it was bad at all, but because I cannot bring myself to spend that much money on Mexican food when I am used to $2 tacos, I definitely want to go back to FARMiCiA, but I won't get a cocktail, and I absolutely have to go back to Chifa or I will die, because it was too delicious for me to never eat there again.

Our fourth and final restaurant is on Friday!

Love, Jillian


  1. hi, ended here through lastfm. chifas are very popular in perú, and most of them are very cheap. chaufa rice is a classic and is cooked in almost every home in perú. ají de gallina is not chinesse food but creole, and is a must. i'm happy to hear that a chinesse-peruvian restaurant is doing so well. greetings from perú!

  2. Well then, I guess I will have to go find someone in Peru to adopt me so that I can eat chaufa rice every day!