Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Juana Molina

Juana Molina isn't exactly cute to a lot of people, but that's okay with me. Her music has huge sounds and perfect silences. And even though I first fell in love with her album Son, which has one of my favorite titles ever and some of my favorite songs in Spanish, I spent my last weeks at home listening to Un Día.

Her fifth album, Un Día, was released almost 3 years ago. And even though I sometimes jokingly refer to her as "mi argentina favorita" I completely stopped listening to her after finding Son forever ago. I just stopped, and that was it until I heard the song she did for the Rudo y Cursi soundtrack. I am in love with that song. I listened to it so many times that my sister was ready to kill me, and I didn't even care. The song is basically the plot of the movie, but it's Juana Molina's voice and the little starts and stops that really get me.

I like Juana Molina now, and I liked her 2 years ago. But I like her for completely different reasons. Un Dia, isn't as sweet as Son, that's the first thing I think of. But it's also a lot louder than Son, and that's part of why I like these songs. I don't miss the quietness of Juana's voice in songs like "Micael" when I listen to "Lo Dejamos" from the newer album. I also get really happy when I hear those little bits in songs like sweetness of songs like "No Seas Antipatica" which is from the older album. Plus "El Vestido" is so amazing that I have to love Un Dia. Basically, Juana Molina's music has changed, but I don't want to say it's evolved. It's all still very her, and I love it all equally. And I think that's why I love "Rudo Y Cursi", because it has all those really big moments from Un Dia and all those tiny sugary parts from Son. And when I listen to it, Juana Molina is really mi argentina favorita.

Love, María

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  1. I LOVE Juana Molina! Did I tell you how I saw her here in February right before I went to Argentina (ironic) and she was adorable. Once I got to Buenos Aires I would ask everybody what they thought of her but nobody liked her down there and said that she was more for "norteamericanos". Eventually I found some Argentine girls who did like her, so that's good.
    And I agree - I wouldn't say she "evolved" even though her music is different. It's still so her!