Friday, September 18, 2009

Restaurant Week: FARMiCiA

Tonight María and I went to our second restaurant of Philadelphia Restaurant Week! FARMiCiA was super adorable and delicious! It's right off Market St. and all about organic wonderfulness. The main courses weren't as amazing and different as Xochitl, but they had a lot of really good comfort-food dishes and all of the desserts were insanely good. My favorite part is how they don't put a basket of bread on the table, there's a waiter who goes around the restaurant with like four different kinds of bread and you get to pick what kind you want! The bread I had was too good for words.

The inside of the restaurant is adorable, and they have like a million different cocktails to choose from, although some of them are pretty iffy (by "iffy" I mean that María's tasted like Dimetapp and mine tasted like a liquefied cough drop). But we had lots of fun with Melissa , Allegra, and Isabel, and I will definitely be going back to this restaurant even after Restaurant Week is over!

Here's some of what we ate:

Saffron & Raisin Challah

Lancaster County Chicken Breast with Parmesan Polenta and Green Beans

Boneless Pork Chop with Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli

Classic Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée & Raspberry and Peach Fruit Crisp

Our third restaurant is on Monday, and since no one else can go, it will just be a special me-and-María date!

Love, Jillian

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