Monday, December 14, 2009


Now that it's gotten cold and finals are eating up my life, I've been getting out all of my sweaters and hoping that they'll make me feel better. I have tons of sweaters. TONS. But I always buy more and more because they are one of my favorite things. I have all sorts of sweaters. I have super cute sweaters, and super hideous sweaters, super soft sweaters and super weird itchy ones. And do I love them all the same? Mostly.

That's me attempting to show you the buttons on my sweater. I totally failed, but oh well, I tried! This sweater has been in my closet at home forever. I kept forgetting I had it so I wouldn't bring it back. It was with a bunch of other sweaters that I never ever wear and totally forgot I had. The other day I pulled it out because I haven't done laundry in awhile so I had no real clothes left. Then I realized how much I love this sweater because of the buttons! They are gold and they have lions on them! I will admit though, that it's not very flattering and makes me look sort of strange and boxy and there aren't many thing I can wear it with. But I think it looks nice with my floral dresses because I love florals so much and should probably write a whole blogpost about that. I wore this sweater on Saturday night and our friend told me I looked like Emily Gilmore. Yikes! I don't care though because I still think it's a pretty awesome sweater. Plus I was also told I look like a lemur that night so I'm not sure what to think. Later, I thought I'd lost one of the buttons but luckily I found it. It was probably the best part of the night. My life isn't very exciting.

This sweater is currently snuggled between a bunch of Jillian's super soft clothes in one of her drawers. I basically assume all her clothes are really soft, and I don't have a real explanation for that. Isn't it precious? It is! It's full of bows and when I wear it I feel like I look like a present. Once, last year I think, I wore it while also wearing a bow in my hair. It was a little much, but I couldn't help it. I got this sweater at the Bryn Mawr Hospital thrift shop back when Caroline and I used to go in there to waste time almost every week. It fits me kind of funny so I rarely wear it. Plus, I feel like It needs to be paired with pants and I rarely wear pants. It looks much nicer on Jillian. She actually made it her profile picture for awhile, with the caption "coople sweater" Cute! Okay, that's just another really creepy fake Korean Drama term we've come up with to feed our addiction. Well, mostly just mine and Melissa's. When I went home for Thanksgiving break I left it for Jillian so that she wouldn't miss me so terribly. Sick, right? She's also the only other person who has ever worn it, except for the time Allegra tried it on and quickly took it off. When I die she gets the sweater but she has to share it with my little sister.

My very favorite sweater is this super old United Colors of Benetton pullover. It's really kind of shapeless and hideous and sometimes feels kind of scratchy cos it's so old. But, it is my very favorite. It used to be my mom's back when she was a teenager. My grandfather, who by the way is one of my very favorite people ever, went to Germany when she was younger and he brought her back the sweater. When I was younger, I remember my mom would wear it all the time, but little by little she stopped wearing it. She loves it so much though, which is why she kept it tucked away in her closet. Now, I had my eyes on this thing since forever ago. So, when I came back to college sophomore year, I tried to find a way to get my mom to give it to me. You have to understand that my mom knows better than anyone how clumsy and horrible I am, and she's seen me lose/break/destroy things since I could move. So, I knew that she wouldn't just give me the sweater because I wanted it. Instead of asking directly, I sort of suggested she give it to me since she never wore it. And then, I snuck into her closet right before getting in the car for the super fun 13 hour drive and stuck it in my suitcase. By the time she noticed I was feeling pretty pleased whenever I opened my closet but still way too guilty to wear it. When we finally talked on the phone about it she told me I could keep it but that if anything ever happened to it she would kill me. I now guard it with my life and just this year told Jillian she is the only person in the world besides my sister who can ever touch it.

Ah! I love sweaters. All of the ones I own. Like this red cardigan that was $9 and has a weird hole in it but looks really cute with dresses. And my cashmere sweater that has the worst neckline but is so super soft that I don't care at all. Or this old man sweater that I bought a size too big and stretches out after you wear it and it looks like I'm wearing a sack. Ummmm. Sweaters are just so great. I know that Jillian has a bunch of favorite sweaters and I bet everyone else does too. Okay, now I need to go back to my real life where I have to finish a 20 page Spanish paper. This is basically as long as that paper. Ah!

Love, María

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  1. You look so pretty, María. You have officially made me want to go out and buy sweaters.