Saturday, December 5, 2009


It is snowing!! Today is the first day it's snowed this school year, and obviously snow is totally adorable and Flower Farm-worthy. Especially this snow. Yesterday the weather forecast said that it was supposed to snow overnight, but that it was supposed to be that weird, slushy, snow/rain mix stuff. There was a little of that this morning, but now it has turned into big, fluffy, perfect snow!

I always get really excited about snow, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I live in California. When we lived in Delaware, my mom and I would always get really excited for snow days, and she would get up at like four in the morning to listen to the radio and see if her school or my school or Jocelyn's school would be closed. Then she would call all of my friends' parents to tell them that there was no school, and they would always make fun of her for being so excited about it (she's from New Jersey, so snow shouldn't have been new or exciting or anything) and for calling them that early in the morning.

Apparently, this is hereditary, because ever since I've been at Bryn Mawr, I basically do the same thing. What usually happens is my mom will call me and tell me that we are supposed to be getting a lot of snow, and if I think it's going to be enough snow that we will have a snow day, I will go to bed early without doing any of my homework, and then I will wake up at four in the morning (this happens on its own, I don't even set an alarm) and look outside and check my email to see if Mike Hill has sent out an email saying that the buses aren't running and class is canceled. Then, I text all of my friends and go back to sleep.

This is why I always arrange my dorm room so that my bed is next to the window, even though all of the dorms I've lived in are really old, so the windows are really poorly insulated and it is always really cold right next to them. It is totally worth it, though, because nothing is better than going to sleep when you know it is going to snow or it's just started snowing, and then waking up in the morning and having everything be covered in snow.

Also, this whole snow-thing has made me think that I am psychic. Normally we don't get snow that actually sticks until I am home for winter break or the beginning of spring semester, but this past week I haven't been able to stop listening to "Snow Days," and even when it was sunny and nice out the other day, I kept thinking about snow. Probably because it is December and almost Christmas time and I love snow so much!

Love, Jillian