Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sunny Days & Good Moods!

I am in such a good mood today because it is so sunny and nice out! It is that perfect kind of fall weather when it is chilly enough for a sweater and a scarf and a light jacket (if you are me, anyway--I guess normal people would wear only one of those since it's like almost 60 degrees out), but it is sunny like summer. María hates when it is sunny, but it makes me so happy because I always miss the sun when I am not in California and I have to use my fake-sun lamp thing in my dorm room to make myself feel better.

When it is sunny out, I feel better about everything. Like right now, I am in the library and I just came back from Haverford, and even being packed into the Blue Bus wasn't enough to ruin my good mood. Plus, my carrel in the library is in this room where two of the walls are giant windows, so even though I am sitting here doing research for my huge term paper, I am still in the sun and I am still happy! The sun has even made me actually LIKE writing this paper! Even though it was mean to me and made me pull and all-nighter Tuesday night, I am currently really nerdily enjoying reading entire books just to find two useful quotes and over-analyzing fourteenth-century Italian literature.

On top of that, I am listening to this really adorable playlist I made of all of the songs that I want to listen to when I am driving on the 101/any road with an ocean view at home in sixteen days! These are some of the adorable songs on my playlist:

I guess this post isn't really about any one cute thing in particular, but I think it still works. Being in a good mood just makes everything super-cute!

Love, Jillian

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