Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Party Dresses

I feel like lately all of my blog posts are kind of about cute things, but mostly just reveal how absolutely insane I am. This is definitely going to be another one of those posts, because it is mostly about how I create weird little personas/characters/lives in my head, and then spend a lot of time imagining what secretary-me or housewife-me or career-woman-me (my mom put this idea in my head because she kept telling me over the summer that she sees nothing wrong with never getting married and having children, and instead having a career and lots of disposable income for clothes) would wear.

So I don't even know when this started, but at some point in my life before high school I somehow became convinced that being an adult and being married meant that all of your weekends between Thanksgiving and New Year's were spent going to fancy holiday parties that required you to wear fancy dresses and fancy updos and your husband to wear nice suits and cute, knit ties. This may have something to do with the fact that for most of middle school I babysat for the same family and one of the parents was the CEO or CFO (I don't remember) of this big hospital and that is basically what they did every weekend of the holiday season.

Because of this and my pathological need to create a wardrobe for all sorts of weird, impossible, future versions of myself, I always get distracted by PARTY DRESSES when I am doing my Christmas shopping for everyone else. And, every year, I find one perfect party dress and stalk it and spend a whole month imagining how I would do my hair and what shoes I would wear and how cute the holiday parties would be! Anyway, this is this year's obsession-dress:

Luckily it is already sold out in my size, so I will not be tempted to buy it. I always end up buying a ton of things for myself while I am doing my Christmas shopping. Today I bought a dress for my sister for Christmas, and I also bought two shirts and a skirt for myself. But by doing that, I spent enough money to get free shipping AND I had a coupon that got me 10% off everything. And when I bought my mom's Christmas present, I bought myself a shirt that was on super-sale. Obviously, I have a problem. I have even already planned out exactly what I am going to buy with all of the Christmas money I get from my relatives every year. Sick (in both senses). I am going to stop now before my computer dies and I reveal any more craziness.

Love, Jillian

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