Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finals Are Not Cute, Baby Chipmunks Are

Hey, guys, it's finals week! Obviously everyone is going insane and is super stressed-out, and María and I are no exception. We just had to kick some freshmen out of our carrels in the library, and they even had the nerve to roll their eyes at us and the one who was in mine just tried (and failed) to stare me down while I was fixing my chair so that I am no longer stuck in her butt imprint. Unfortunately for her, she didn't know that my evil-eye is powerful enough to make people instantaneously burst into tears (true story). But once we go home for break (Friday!!!!!!), I'm sure that we will stop being so cranky and regular posting will resume. Until then, here are some pictures of a sleeping baby chipmunk to tide you over:

María thinks that baby chipmunks are my spirit animal, and this is probably exactly what I will look like as soon as I get on the plane on Friday. I plan on passing out before takeoff and not waking up until Saturday except for when I need to switch planes and get my luggage and eat delicious food when I get home. Hopefully we will still be alive at the end of the week, and now María and I are going to play a little game in the library called "How Much Work Can You Get Done Before The Sun Comes Up Or You Lose Consciousness?!!"

Love, Jillian

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