Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spirit Animal Break!

Because I am about to die/fall asleep while re-reading the same play for the millionth time, I thought it would be a great time for an update. Jillian's post reminded me of how much I've been thinking about what animal I would be. I finally figured it out. A CHINCHILLA, DUH. Jillian is a chipmunk cos she is tiny and cute and sometimes has these weird spurts of energy where she decides it is okay to attack me. There are always chipmunks outside of my house and they are really precious and sometimes they just lose it. But even though we are basically the same person, my spirit animal just isn't a chipmunk. I am not that teeny tiny and cute. Instead, I am totally a chinchilla. I am still really fuzzy and soft and precious but not like Jillian. If I were a chinchilla, I'd attack/bother other chinchillas like this:

Seriously. Jillian knows how good I am at bothering people. For weeks now I've been bugging Jillian about this. "Jillian, am I a baby pig? or a lion? or what about a calf? what about a duck? can I be a pony? No?" I think she was ready to kill me. Good thing today while looking at pictures on my computer to distract me, I realized, I AM A CHINCHILLA. Actually, right now, I feel like this chinchilla:

TRAPPED! Chinchilla's love to sleep during the day, just like me! And they are funny and round and have little noses. I have a weirdly round face and a tiny nose! I also know that a lot chinchillas can't stay still. I am so bad at staying still sometimes. Like sometimes we will be laying around in Jillian's bed and I will just feel the need to tap things or move around and I just can't help it. I knew someone who had a chinchilla and they said that they are super moody sometimes and just sort of sulk but then just want to run around. I am basically like that.

Have you guys ever seen a chinchilla take a dust bath? CUTEST THING EVER. Go look it up on youtube! I will admit, I do nothing that can compare to how cute that is. Oh and chinchillas are so lucky cos they never have to write 20 page papers about Rosario Castellanos or stay up all night in a library. Okay, as much as I want to just think about what everyone's spirit animal is, I'm pretty sure it's time to go back to doing work. But later I'm gonna go curl up in bed and I'll feel like a happy chinchilla for a few hours.

Love, María

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  1. Yesterday I bought a really nice gray/taupe nail polish called "Chinchilly." Then I got to remembering the existence of chinchillas and then you post this, so that's crazy.
    You as a chinchilla = I can see it.