Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I kind of just realized exactly how long it's been since I last made a post here. Oops! Marìa's been on top of her Flower Farm game, though, so it's not too bad. In my defense, I have been too busy staying up late to see meteor showers, being a supermodel, drinking giant cups of coffee, doing Italian department things, checking out tons and tons of library books and piling them up on my carrel, reading about medieval Christian numerology, picking my thesis topic (AH!), and listening to obscene amounts of The Magnetic Fields and Best Coast to really have time to sit down and write a blog post. But today I have time! I was planning on sleeping late since I went to bed at three, but apparently my body only wants five hours of sleep after last night's three hours of sleep and I am wide awake.

Some time last week, Marìa and I were talking about how I haven't made a post in forever, and then I told her that I wanted my next post to be about hedgehogs! Hedgehogs are precious, and I wish that I could have one as a pet, but they are illegal in both of the states that I live in. Isn't that sad?! But, look, aren't they so precious that you just can't even think of being sad?

I don't have any cute stories about hedgehogs, nor do I know anyone who actually has one, but Marìa was telling me about how her friend had a hedgehog that used to lick lotion off of your hands and put it on itself. How adorable is that?!

If hedgehogs weren't illegal in Pennsylvania, I would totally get one and keep it in my dorm room. It would be the most spoiled hedgehog ever, because Marìa and I would probably just sit in my room all day and never go to class and play with it and pet it and give it little hedgehog treats! I guess it's a good thing that we can't have one, because then I would probably fail all of my classes. But at least I would have a precious hedgehog to make me feel better!

Love, Jillian