Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pumpkin Pie (w/ Encinitas Obsessing)

My most favorite dessert ever is probably pumpkin pie. It is super adorable, and the fact that it is a seasonal food makes it even better, because I feel like foods are more special and cute when you can't just have them whenever you want.

María knows how strongly I feel about pumpkin pie, and that is why she bought me one a few weeks ago when I really didn't want to go to my one class, and then used it to force me to go. She even bought me whipped cream, because she knows that I cannot eat pumpkin pie without it! And then we ended up eating basically the whole thing with spoons after I came back from drinking in my friend's room after work on a Thursday night, and I kept yelling about how I wished pumpkin pie was a dude so that I could marry it or something.

Basically everything about pumpkin pie reminds me of awesome things. It smells like cloves and happiness, and reminds me of Thanksgiving, which is one of my favorite holidays because of ALL THE FOOD. Pretty much every holiday we celebrate in my house is more for the food than for any other reason. I'm pretty sure the only reason we celebrate Easter is because that is when we eat ham and "cheesy potatoes," and I know that the only reason we celebrate St. Patrick's Day is because of the corned beef, since no one in my family is even remotely Irish.

And then when I think of Thanksgiving, I think of being at home, which I have been really obsessed with lately. Normally I am okay with only going home over winter break and spring break, but this year I have been having really intense and vivid dreams that I am driving down 101 or that I am at the beach. On Thursday night, I had a dream that I was going north on the 5, then I got off at Manchester and went west so that I was on that road where you go through this tiny neighborhood and as you come up the hill and around the corner and it turns into Vulcan Ave. (Encinitas people, you know exactly what I am talking about), you are basically smacked in the face the most intense ocean view, and in my dream it was sunny and the ocean was super-blue and perfect. And then I woke up in my dorm room and I was not pleased.

I think that the reason I want to go home so badly is because I (hopefully?) won't be going home for longer than a few weeks this summer to go to Jocelyn's graduation, since I don't think I'm going to find a job in Encinitas and I don't particularly want to move back in with my parents. Plus, the other weekend one of the guys in a band that played at Haverford was from La Jolla, and we talked for forever about how perfect San Diego is and how much we miss being able to use San Diego slang and still be understood, and then I was talking to him about how I will probably end up on the east coast and I will probably never get to go home and be lazy and eat Pannikin and In-N-Out and go to the beach every day for a full four months ever again!

Luckily, I can still kind of pretend that I am at home by sitting in my room (or the cafe, like I am right now) and listening to Best Coast. María is going to write a post about her someday, and after my friend Bee sent me one of her songs, I made María give me all of the Best Coast that she has, because I needed it because it basically sounds like California is coming out of my speakers.

Also, since this post has already become a post about how much I love California, I might as well mention something else really cute and happy about it. Lately, people have been randomly telling me that I seem like I am from California, or that I am exactly like what they imagine people from California would be like, and I have to say that nothing could possibly make me happier. I'm sure that there are negative things that come with being California-y, but for some reason hearing that makes me feel the same amount of good-ness as if someone told you that you were the most perfect, adorable, attractive, amazing person to ever exist. Actually, that would probably make me really uncomfortable, but I think everyone gets what I mean?

So, in conclusion: pumpkin pie is awesome and adorable and perfect, and I really really miss the ENC.

Love, Jillian

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