Thursday, November 12, 2009

Post Post

This week has just been strange. Actually the past 3/4 weeks have just been really strange. I think it's around that time of year when you suddenly begin to realize you are really unprepared for life but are also past the point of caring. Not good. Jillian, Melissa, and I have really just lost it. This was really confirmed last night around 1 am when we were all sitting in Melissa's room making absolutely no sense. So, instead of really dealing with all this, I am here making a post about our friend's band. Sounds good to me.

I suck at writing things so I just stole this from their Myspace: "Post Post is an indie rock band comprised of four college juniors who met and formed at Bryn Mawr College, an all-women's liberal arts college outside Philadelphia (they wouldn't let Kevin in, he had to go to Haverford instead)" Post Post started right here at Bryn Mawr! Kewl. Seriously though, nothing good happens in this place. I'm joking, sort of. Anyway, we know Michelle cos she works at the café with Jillian, and is pretty darn cute. That's why I first started listening to this band. I once told Michelle and told her I would never pay $5 for her music, I was lying. Really, I'm just a really mean person and like to make jokes like that.

Anyway, last night, I tried to get Michelle to tell me secrets about Post Post. She sort of refused at first and only told me that I should write that she is the cutest member of the band and that the other members are only sort of cute. Not true, guys. I have seen their band and they are all pretty cute and cool. I was once Marissa's Spanish TA and even then I could tell she was way cooler than me.

So I always come up with really funny ways to describe the music that I like. I'm sure you've seen all those made up words in my posts. I tried to think of a way to describe Post Post and I am going to have to use heartachey again. But that's why I really like their music, it is really heartachey and it's that music that you start searching for when you're like sixteen and you realize you have feelings and then you just need stuff like that once in awhile. That's what it's like for me. Oh, plus did you see that picture of them eating breakfast foods? We love breakfast/brunch.

I've been listening to Post Post a lot so that I could have something to say to you guys other than "O hai, they're kewl" and I'm glad I did that. They released their EP Meta Meta in September, and even though it only has 5 songs, it is really easy to listen to it for like 3 hours. I am telling you this from experience. When Jillian first bought it, we listened to it in her room over and over.

I just asked Jillian what her favorite song is, and it's actually not on the EP but you can go listen to it over at their Myspace, it's called "Architects." My favorite song changes all the time. I will say, that "Say When" gets stuck in my head the most. We both really like "Bones" and even though I used to skip listening to "The Auction (Part II)" I now really like it, especially the beginning. "Wolf" just makes me want to cry. A lot. Their songs are like really sad and heartachey words with almost rough music behind them, inside them, something like that, yeah. And all those lyrics that are so good and so sad work really well with the music and Michelle's tiny voice that sometimes gets so loud and is almost like yelling. Yikes.

We're going to go see them play a show tonight at Pilam and if you're reading this and are in Philly, you should totally go too! I am excited because we keep missing them plus they are playing with Pants Yell! who are one of my favorite bands right now. So, yeah check 'em out.

While telling me little secrets last night, Michelle told me that she's come up with a 13 track album concept that would just be 13 tracks about one person with an architecture/skeletons/bones theme. I told her it sounded very sad, but very precious. And that's the kind of thing Jillian and I really love, and what Flower Farm is all about.

Love, María