Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pink Couch Sessions

Pink is my very favorite color. I've been meaning to paint my room peach/pink since I got back but I haven't gotten around to it. And I just really love it so much. So, when someone mentioned the Pink Couch Sessions, I couldn't help but be really curious about how cute they might be. I've written about Black Cab Sessions on here, and this is basically the same thing, except that instead of riding around in a cab, these guys are playing on a pink couch! Cute. Now, I will admit that these videos would be way cuter if I got to pick the pink couch, but whatever, this works.

This is the first one I watched, and I'm glad I did because it was actually really cute and that's why I kept looking at more videos. Actually, that first one is still definitely one of the most adorable ones. I also really like this Nana Grizol session because that song is really sort of precious. The one with just Madeline singing is also super cute. This Wild Moccasins song is called "Fruit Tea"and that's pretty precious. Really, it is. Plus I want that girl's hair and I watched this one three times so that must mean I liked it. Oh, and look at this one! It's Vivian Girls. Everyone loves them. I went to see them last year with Caroline in Philadelphia and even though I hated almost everyone there, I liked it.

Heathers - Waiter from If You Make It on Vimeo.

My very favorite has to be that Heathers one, probably just because I think those girls are super cute, and when I saw they were on here I got really excited.

Hm. Oh, this song made me laugh just because of it's title, since I feel like that's all I do this semester. Bleh. This Best Friends Forever session is probably less cute, but still one of the ones I really like. Now, this might make me a horrible person, but for some reason this one really makes me laugh. I can't explain why. This one, with Defiance, Ohio is pretty impressive just because there are so many people!

Another really cute one is this one with Watercolor Paintings. Isn't she cute? She is. I wish my brother and I could start a cute little band. He would never do that. Hah. Hmmmm. What else. Oh yeah, this song isn't bad or anything but it is one of my favorites to watch just because of all those faces they make. The Pink Couch Session with Grandfather Clock is just really depressing. Seriously. Maybe, that's just me.

Okay, so basically I spent most of yesterday avoiding life and sleeping and watching these videos in between. And even though that was a pretty bad idea, because now all I want to do is sleep, it was also a good idea because it gave me something to write a post about. Except, I'm pretty sure this is a pretty horrible post because I can't really tell you everything about all of them so I just sound like I'm babbling. You should probably just watch them for yourself. You don't even have to go crazy like me and watch all of them in one day! Plus, maybe they aren't all the cutest things ever, but c'mon, some of those were pretty cute. I just want to start my cute little band, guys. And I want a pink couch. A cute one. And people can come play nice songs on it. Aw. Too bad instead I need to edit my paper, send emails, do laundry and figure out my life. Yeah, that's just not as cute.

Love, María


  1. i like the swedish one where they have to play in that little elevator that just goes up and down in the middle of nowhere

  2. This is the same comment you left on my Black Cab Sessions post. Start coming up with new things to say.