Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tu vida en 65'

This movie is both cute and incredibly sad. And I am totally serious about the incredibly sad part. In fact, I asked Jillian to watch this with me earlier this semester and when we were done crying in the Rock living room, I was sure that she was going to stop being my friend for asking her to watch it. This summer, I made my little sister Mariana watch it and she just kept saying "This is so sad, Marifer, so sad" Well, at least I warned you!

The movie is all about Dani and Ana, Dani's really precious friends, and love and sadness and coincidences and everything being connected. This sounds almost exactly like when I was describing Los amantes del círculo polar, but Allegra says this is sad but at least cuter than Los amantes del círculo polar so I guess that's a good thing. Oh, plus it's set in Barcelona! How precious. Barcelona is adorable all on it's own even without really cute/sad things happening. It reminds me of how much I want to learn Catalan, but can only say please and thank you. I also really like the version of "Por qué te vas" that Javier Álvarez does. It's so perfect. I could listen to it all day.

Everyone in this movie is so cute! The trailer just reminded me about how there's this whole thing with watching laundry in the washing machine, it sounds weird, but it's really cute. I just ordered this movie from the library so that I can watch it again sometime in between going crazy and going home for Thanksgiving. Sometimes I think it is just an excuse to cry, but there are also parts in the movie when everything is so precious that I am not crying because I'm sad. Hah, I'm starting to sound kinda crazy, but I just want someone to ask me to watch the washing machine with them.

I'm really excited to go home because I haven't seen my family since August and I really need a break from Bryn Mawr. I don't usually go home for Thanksgiving, since we don't really celebrate it, but I'm excited to be going home this year. I am also really excited to force my mom to make me pozole and chilaquiles and to eat a real hot dog. Sometimes I remember how much easier it is to live in Chicago than it is to live near Philadelphia. And even though there are Mexican people in Philadelphia, it's just not the same. At phonathon we had to call someone's parents who live in Los Angeles, and they were so cute and Mexican and I got to speak to them in Spanish. Speaking of things in Spanish, last night, Jillian and I were talking to some guy who was like "give me any Spanish word and I will turn it into reggaetón" and it was really strange/funny but then became really annoying. Wow, I totally just remembered that happened as I was typing that. I need to get more sleep.

This post was supposed to take 20 minutes and has now taken me almost an hour. I lose at life.

Love, María

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