Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sulking and Pretending to Study with Dressy Bessy

These past few days have been interesting. I'm supposed to be working on a translation and studying but I've found all sorts of ways to avoid that. We spent the weekend making adorable videos and I spent Monday afternoon curled up under a comforter on Jillian's bed. I realized I needed some cheering up. That's why I decided listening to Slow Club and The Weepies was probably not the best idea. So while searching through my music I came across Dressy Bessy.

I used to LOVE Dressy Bessy. They are probably one of the first indie pop bands I fell in love with. Pink Hearts and Yellow Moons became my favorite album for months and I knew all the words to everything. But then I found other music and I realized I was getting sick of Dressy Bessy and stopped listening to them except when I REALLY wanted to or when they'd come on because of shuffle.

But this week I gave them another shot. They released their latest album Holler and Stomp last year and even though it was on my computer I hadn't really listened to it. I finally did and I was sort of disappointed. I liked some songs like "Shoot, I Love You" but mostly I just wanted songs like "Jenny Come On" and "Extra-ordinary" from their first album. I even missed songs from Sound Go Round an album that I barely know or like. I guess I just like Dressy Bessy best when they're cute but not too cutesy. That's the kind of music that lets me sulk but tries to cheer me up.

Love, MarĂ­a

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