Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shepherd Dogs

Over break, when I was walking my dog Chelsea (the one on the left), I found another dog that had somehow gotten out of its yard, and it came home with us! She had a collar, but no tags, so after a few hours of playing with her in my backyard and going door-to-door in my neighborhood looking for her owner, I sent her to the pound with my dad so that she would have somewhere to be indoors overnight and not freeze in our backyard. And when the owner showed up at my door a little while later, she was actually MAD that we had taken her to the pound, even though the owner is the one who apparently didn't love her super-adorable dog enough to bother putting a tag with her address (like $3 at any pet store) or dog license tag on her dog's collar. And this was a ridiculously cute, happy, friendly dog.

The point is, having my dog and this other adorable dog in my backyard made me realize how much I love shepherd dogs, especially German shepherd mixes, which is what my dog and this dog both look like. Just look how cute they are!!! And I know that I don't just think they're cute because I own one, because people tell me how pretty Chelsea is all the time and MarĂ­a thinks that she's adorable, too. I mean, just look!

Love, Jillian

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