Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back on Track with Hello Seahorse!

After a long time of starting posts and never finishing them I am finally back! I went back to THE PRAIRIE STATE for spring break. I spent the week sleeping too much, driving around, baking, and even sort of missing Jillian and Melissa meowing my name. But now that I'm back to Bryn Mawr it's time to procrastinate and get back to flower-farming.

Break wasn't too much fun, BUT I did re-discover Hello Seahorse! I was never quite sure how much I actually liked them, but after listening to them for a whole week, I realized I LOVE them. Well, at least for now.

Hello Seahorse! is one of the few Mexican indie pop bands I listen to. Christopher has mentioned that Mexican indie pop should be even more sugary than Spanish indie pop but that just can't be true. Cola Jet Set is just sugary and whiney enough to beat anything else. Hello Seahorse! is fun but I just never really got into them. First off I really don't like exclamation marks at the end of band names, I just don't. I was also really afraid that they'd just end up being annoying. Now I realize that the exclamation mark is okay because they are so adorable!

Their newest album is really cute. It's called "Hoy a las Ocho" and has songs in English and Spanish. My favorite song so far is "Cassette" but I think the song with the best title is "OK! ... Lobster" That just sounds silly! AND it reminds me of our friend Allegra! Anyway, I posted the video for "Won't Say Anything" because it's fun/sad/something and mostly because I like that song. I guess I just really like them so I'm just going to keep on listening.

Love, MarĂ­a


  1. OMG i was just listening to hello seahorse yesterday! so cute!

  2. EXCUSE ME?! Maria is MY soul mate.