Saturday, March 21, 2009


One of my goals in life is to someday have enough money to buy a one-way ticket to Nara, which is possibly the most adorable city in all of Japan. A lot of people go there because it has a bunch of ancient temples, shrines, ruins, and a primeval forest, and it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was once the capital of Japan, blah, blah, blah, WHATEVER. The most important part about Nara is the DEER.

Basically, the story is that the Shinto god Takemikazuchi arrived in the city of Nara on a white deer, and since then, deer have been regarded as heavenly animals that protect the city. The point is, because of this story, people sell biscuits in Nara Park that you can feed to the deer, and they'll walk right up to you and sometimes they will BOW because they want you to give them biscuits! I imagine that they just frolic all over the place and are adorable and cute and wonderful.

Nara pretty much sounds like one of the most adorable places of all time. If I ever go there, I will probably never come back, because I will be too busy bowing to deer and feeding them biscuits while wearing adorable Anthropologie outfits with my adorable Japanese husband and my adorable 5/8-Japanese baby!! In other words, all of my lifelong dreams will be achieved.

Love, Jillian

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