Wednesday, March 11, 2009


One of my favorite parts about coming home on breaks is the Pannikin! It's basically the best cafe ever, and it is in this adorable yellow house in Leucadia that used to be the Encinitas train station. When we were in high school, Hannah and I used to go to the Pannikin every Wednesday at the end of lunch and during our free fourth period senior year for Italian sodas, and we skipped pretty much every school assembly to go to the Pannikin and have breakfast instead. It was, obviously, always a good choice.

Anisha, who also shares my love of the Pannikin, came to visit me this week because it is spring break and we felt that it was necessary to spend as much time as we possibly could eating delicious food at the Pannikin. We had brunch there after I picked her up at the train station on Monday morning, lunch on Tuesday after taking naps in the sun at my neighborhood pool, and breakfast this morning before I took her back to the train station. In a word, it was glorious. And, of course, we photographed all of the wonderful food we ate!

Bandiera Bagel

Chocolate Cream Pie

Greek Eggs

Insalada Riviera

Veggie Panwich

Of course, all of this was accompanied by Mexican hot chocolate or Italian soda. The adorableness of the Pannikin combined with the insanely delicious food makes the food coma that I spent all of today in totally worth it, just like MarĂ­a's dream macarons. After I have to go back to Philly at the end of this week, I will be sad until I can return to the Pannikin again in May, but I know that it will be waiting for me with all of it's adorable deliciousness when I return.

Love, Jillian

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  1. That's it. I am moving into the Pannikin when I finally go back to Encinitas in December. It will have been A WHOLE YEAR.