Sunday, January 24, 2010


More than anything else in the whole world right now, I wish I could have a tiny little pet kitten. Kittens are super extra precious and having a kitten would have made me feel less bad about my throat trying to kill me this week, and not getting to go to Michelle's ugly sweater party (best party ever?!!?!) would have been a whole lot less boring and lame if I'd had a kitten to cuddle and play with.

I was absolutely, completely, ridiculously obsessed with kittens last spring semester--I'm pretty sure that like every other sentence that came out of my mouth was somehow about kittens, and usually involved me asking whoever I was talking to if they'd buy me a kitten or what kind of kitten I should get. I have since learned to control that impulse, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about kittens ALL THE TIME.

I've come to the conclusion that having a kitten would make my life basically perfect. It would even make all of the reading I have to do less icky, and I would be way more okay with spending tons of time in my room thesising if there was a kitten there, too. Okay, I am actually okay with the reading because it is Dante and I have been nerdily longing to take the Dante class FOREVER and I really like my thesis, but STILL. Kittens are awesome. The end.

Love, Jillian

P.S. Check out this terrifying-but-somehow-cute video about kittens.