Saturday, April 11, 2009


María and I think that adorableness is incredibly important and that it should be included in all aspects of life. Like sleeping! We all already know that naps and sleeping in big, fluffy beds with giant comforters is adorable, and all of that can be made even more adorable if you wear adorable pajamas! I love Anthropologie's chemises because they are super-cute and soft and nice to sleep in, and some of them are even adorable enough to wear during the day as dresses.

Seabirds Chemise

Wide-Awake Chemise

Tiny Bubbles Chemise

I would definitely wear the Seabirds Chemise and the Wide-Awake Chemise out during the day, and then I wouldn't even have to change when I wanted to take a nap, or actually get dressed in the morning! I can be lazy AND cute! I already do this with a chemise that I have from Anthropologie from a few years ago. It is off-white and has ruffles and little blue birds and pink flowers all over it, and my sister has a dark blue one that she wears as a dress, too. Conclusion: chemises are adorable and everyone should have them!

Love, Jillian

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  1. i love wearing my anthropologie chemise as a dress, and as an added bonus, the chemises are sooo much cheaper than actual dresses, but they look the same!